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Amazon Prime Day Sale Biggest Shopping Extravaganza

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Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s annual shopping fest for all Amazon prime customers. This year’s Prime Day is going to be the biggest ever. The Prime Day kicks off from Monday, 15th July and will go on till 16th July. The worldwide shopping session is only open to Amazon’s Prime customers for 48 hours throughout 18 nations. Amazon customers having prime membership will be able to enjoy free benefits like priority shipping, exclusive offers and numerous other deals. Amazon has already started the sale with attractive deals on fashion, beauty, pantry, Amazon music and Prime Videos.

Amazon prime members will experience numerous deals and offers during the 48 hours shopping festival. These deals will vary from country to country. Major deals include massive discounts on electronics, daily essentials, Amazon products, fashion and other different categories. During the Prime Day Sale, Amazon’s own digital services and devices including Amazon Music and Kindle Unlimited will also be available at discounted prices.

Prime users will be able to get their hands on echo speakers, Amazon Basic products, Fire TV at attractive prices. Almost all countries participating in Amazon Prime Day 2019 will experience lucrative deals on smartphones, home appliances, consumer electronic products,  large-screen TVs, toys and much more during the two-day shopping fest. Prime customers will be accessible to limited period lightening deals during the sale.

Amazon’s Prime Day is a “Thank You” day from Amazon to its prime customers. In order to participate in this 3 day shopping spree, shoppers must be Amazon Prime customers. If you are not a prime customer, there is still hope. Amazon provides free Prime member trial to all first time prime customers. You can keep your membership after a 30 day free trial by paying Rs 129 per month or Rs 999 per year or you can cancel the membership anytime. So, don’t waste your time and become a prime customer today and enjoy the 3 day shopping extravaganza.